Best Microphones for PC under $50

Best microphones for PC under $50

Why a good microphone is necessary for everyone?

Finding a great microphone for your Streaming or YouTube or Gaming needs can be tough. This can get even more tough if you are on a tight budget. But fear not we have searched up the whole internet and found out Best Microphones for PC under $50. These microphones are really amazing and do the job really well.

Before I start you should know that the way a microphone sounds is completely a personal preference. Something that sounds good to me might not sound good to you. Also keep a note that almost all the microphones sound much better when used with a boom arm as it helps in keeping the mic closer to your mouth.

1. Fifine T669 (Best Cardioid Condenser mic under $50 )

Best microphones for PC under $50

Before I even talk about this you should note that this is the T669 and not the K669 do not get confused between them as they are the almost the same mics but with different accessories, the T669 has way better accessories and the K699 doesn’t have them, in my opinion T669 is much better as it comes with a boom arm and other useful accessories.

The T669 is the best microphone out there at its price point and the accessories Fifine provides with it are also really good which include a double layered pop filter, a boom arm, an air filter, a shock mount, a tripod stand, and a windscreen and a usb cable with pre installed drivers which gives this mic the easy plug and play feature so makes it easy to use. It also has an on-board gain/volume control but no mute button. It also has really great build quality along with one year warranty by the manufacturer!!!

Overall this is the best cardioid condenser mic out there if you are on a budget and you want your voice to sound crisp and clear along with all that sassy equipment but cannot be used with mobile devices.

2. Sudotack ST-800 ($40)

Best microphones for PC under $50

If for any reason you don’t like the Fifine T669 another great option which gives quite similar performance is the Sudotack ST-800 it has quite good audio quality, it sounds quite deep but feels cheap (again this is personal preference) compared to the Fifine T669.

The Sudotack ST-800 does not have any on-board controls so you need to control everything with software which might not be a good thing.

It is a Cardioid condenser USB mic with in-built drivers which gives it the plug and play feature also it is compatible with mobile devices if used with an adapter. It comes with a lot of accessories like a boom arm, a pop filter, a foam cap and a shock mount along with a one year warranty by the manufacturer.

Overall a great bit cheaper alternative to Fifine T669 but does the job pretty well.

3. Aokeo AK-60 ($39)

Best microphones for PC under $50

This is the Aokeo AK-60 mic which is quite similar to all the mics above in terms of looks and accessories. it
also comes with a little headphone jack at its base.

In terms of sound quality this mic feels a bit more deep than the Sudotack and Fifine microphones but also catches a lot more background noise compared to them which is not a good thing but again the difference is quite little and this is just personal preference, it might sound way better to you.

It comes in with the same accessories as the Fifine and Sudotack microphones do but with no on-board control which is a bit sad. There is no information about the warranty with this microphone.

Overall a okish microphone at the price point. I would prefer the Sudotack microphone over this microphone. Keep in mind that this microphone does go on sale really often for like $20-$25, if you can grab it at that price point then it is for sure worth it for its audio quality.

4. Razer Seiren mini (Best Supercardioid microphone under $50)

Razer Siren Mini

Now I know that I said that mics with a boom arm are much better than table top microphones but the Razer Seiren mini is just so good even though its a table top microphone. It doesn’t catch the vibrations on your table and looks soo good compared to all the other microphones. It is a Supercardioid microphone which is just so awesome at its price point as it gives really good audio quality.

Some downsides of this mic are that it has no on-board controls, comes with almost no other accessories other than the microphone stand and the plug and play usb cable, it also will pick up your typing noise as it is not closer to your mouth and closer to the keyboard.

Other than those downsides, this is the perfect microphone if used with a boom arm. Also it has Razer branding if that’s what pleases you. It also comes in with a one year warranty by Razer.

5. HyperX SoloCast ($60)

HyperX Solocast

The HyperX SoloCast is a $60 microphone and it has really similar audio quality to the Razer Seiren Mini. It comes with a really great adjustable stand. It also has on-board controls which makes it a perfect alternative to the Razer Seiren Mini if on-board controls are your priority.

Even this microphone will sound much better with a boom arm as it won’t pick up your typing noise. For the on-board controls it has a mute button and an indicator light.

It also has a really great design and the lighting on the microphone make it look even much better. It is also certified by Discord and TeamSpeak.

Overall a great microphone if you want an alternative for the Razer Seiren Mini. The warranty information of this microphone seemed a bit scuffed.

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