How to cool your Laptop while Gaming

How to cool your Laptop while Gaming

Gaming Laptops are just like desktops but are mobile so that means you can take your laptop with you anywhere you go by keeping it in a bag pack, so basically a Laptop is a jam-packed desktop which means that all of its components like RAM, GPU, CPU, Storage and Battery are really really close to each other which makes it really important to cool your Laptop while gaming.

How to cool your Laptop

If your Laptop is not cool while gaming then a continuous result of heat might damage the RAM, the Battery or even worse melt the solder on the motherboard. Heat will also take away the sole title from the Laptops as they are not fit for your “Lap’s top” anymore due to heat.

5 ways to keep your laptop cool while gaming

There are multiple ways which you can use to keep your laptop cool and extend its life time as heat can be a killer for your laptop, So here are a 5 ways which you can use to keep your Laptop cool and most of these options don’t require you to buy anything and you can do them right away so lets get started!!

1. Keeping your room cool

Keeping your room cool

I know this might come as an obvious step to most of the people but this step is quite effective as cooler the surroundings are cooler the air is getting sucked into your laptop therefore dropping temperatures of your laptop, If you live near a geographically hot area then this option might not work for you as the air around you is hot but you can turn on those Air-Conditioners and try dropping the temperatures of your room which will help you out too.

2. Keeping your fans clean

Keeping your fans clean - How to keep your Laptop cool while gaming

Cleaning your Laptop from the inside is really important because, your laptop can get really dirty from the inside and will make your fans run slower. This dirt can eventually block those vents and make the fans run slow which will increase your laptop temperatures by a lot. So keeping sure that your laptop is clean and dirt free from the insides can be really helpful in keeping your laptop cool and also increasing your laptop fan’s life.

3. Buying a “Laptop Vacuum Cooler”

Before I even start, yes these things exist and they are awesome, they do the job really well and can drop your laptop’s temperature by almost 10 degree celsius and they just come in at $20-$30 if you really want to invest in something that will keep your laptop cool you should definitely invest in these instead of a cooling pad, that’s cause cooling pads push cold air from the base of your laptop into your laptop which isn’t very effective and might drop your temperatures by just 3-5 degree celsius but these suck out hot air from inside your laptop and kind of give a boost to your laptop fans which drop the temperatures by 10 degree celsius.

Overall if you want to invest in something to cool your laptop this should be the first thing you should consider.

4. Keeping your Laptop on a flat or an inclined surface

How to cool your Laptop while gaming

They way you keep your laptop is really really important, if you keep it in a way which blocks the vents it can easily heat up your laptop, so just placing your laptop on an incline or a flat surface can be really useful in dropping temperatures as your laptop fans can suck in cold air from the vents easily.

If you are looking to invest in a laptop stand to keep it on an incline, I highly recommend getting a laptop cooling pad instead as almost all the cooling pads come with an incline and you get those extra fans too.

5. Undervolting your laptop GPU

Now this one is for you gamers out there, if you have a GPU you can undervolt it which effectively makes the power consumed by your GPU less but doesn’t lower your performance but does lower your temperatures. Undervolting should not void your warranty as you are not actually damaging your laptop and there is no way the company can track down that you have undervolted the GPU unless of course you tell them which…uhh..I wont recommend telling them. Anyway undervolting is completely safe your laptop and should not damage your hardware, there are many tutorials on the internet on how to undervolt your laptop GPU so you can easily understand how to do it.

This may or may not help you as it highly depends on your GPU and hardware but if it works it can give you a temperature drop of almost 4-5 degree celsius and thats really good given that you are not losing anything on the performance side.

You should try undervolting at your own risk as far as I know it doesn’t damage your hardware but this is just a heads up.

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