How to make a free website

how to make a free website

Hey there!! If you are new into web-design or just new into making websites in general this article will show you how to make a free website without giving a penny out of your pocket. These options will obviously come with some limitations as they are free but if you are just starting out and want to learn about web-design and how websites work in general, these would be great options. These will also be really good options if you want to expand your website later if you start getting good traffic and will help you earn some money in the process.


how to make free website

If you want to get into web-design and want to learn how a website works but don’t want to earn money, is a great blog hosting provider as they give you a free subdomain under their WordPress domain and they also give you free hosting too which makes them the best solution if you just want to learn about stuff and how everything works.

WordPress will be a really bad solution for E-Commerce websites or if you want to earn money out of your website as they won’t allow you to get Google AdSense on your free website and you cannot get any plugins on your free website. While WordPress won’t let you get AdSense on your free website they will show some ads on your website from time to time but the revenue will go to WordPress to pay for the hosting bills.

  • Really beginner friendly
  • Great to learn about web design
  • Decent premium upgrades
  • 3 GB of free storage.
  • Great free templates to work with
  • Zero Monetization options
  • No Customer Support (There are a good amount of YouTube guides though)
  • No E-Commerce support
  • Cannot use custom themes
  • No SEO tools

2. as the name says is great for blogging and earning some pocket money on the go. Blogger is a hosting solution provided by Google themselves but it is a forgotten service as Google hasn’t given any updates on this since ages. Even though its a forgotten project of Google it is great if you want to just blog and not get much into web-design as the customization and plugin options are really limited with blogger.

Since Blogger is a service provided by Google for free, you do get access to Google’s web plugins also known as Google Site Kit which gives you access to integrate Google AdSense and other services by Google. On the downsides those are like the only useful plugins which makes blogger not a great option for E-Commerce too as you don’t get any E-Commerce support

In case you don’t own a domain name you can get a subdomain under the which also puts your website/blog at a risk if at anytime Google decides to stop their services for Blogger and shut it down.

  • Really easy to use
  • Unlimited Storage for your blogs
  • Decent Customer support
  • Decent number of themes and premium themes which you can buy
  • Not upgradable
  • pretty limited with plugins
  • No custom theme support
  • No E-Commerce support


If you have ever been on YouTube you have probably seen Wix sponsor some videos you their ads just running on YouTube but are their free plans any good? The answer is probably no that is because while they do provide a lot of premium upgrades and have good customer support they give you really less storage and a website editor which can be fairly difficult for someone who has used Elementor or WordPress before but if we keep that aside we get something which you can use just for the sake of making a website.

Wix doesn’t give you any monetization options in their free plan even in their paid plans there are some limitations and some of them will display ads by Wix themselves which is just ridiculous if you are paying for their service. They do give you a free subdomain which will be <your username> which if you haven’t realized takes away even the subdomain customization from you which is not seen with WordPress or Blogger.

  • Great customer support
  • Plenty of premium upgrades
  • plenty of room to customization
  • Non-customizable subdomain
  • No monetization options
  • 500MB of storage is just pathetic
  • No E-Commerce support

What should you go for?

To be honest if you just want to learn, go for WordPress as it is a great solution for that because it gives you more versatility also If you even want to blog but not monetize it WordPress would be a great option however if you want to earn some money in the process of blogging, go for blogger as it is a great option and might fetch you some pocket money on the go.

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