What are Dapps and is Web3 the future of the internet?

Dapps and Web3
Elon Musk on twitter

If you have been active on twitter last month, you probably saw this tweet by Elon Musk in which he is basically criticizing Web3 and blockchain technology.

Is Web3 really just about the buzz and marketing right now?
Yes, keyword “right now”, while Web3 really has potential to fix major major problems on the internet like Privacy and Security, as of right now its all just about marketing, money and NFTs while these are some products which can be built using the blockchain technology its not even 10% of what blockchain technology and Web3 is capable of.

Will Web3 take over Web2 in the future?
The answer for this is going to be both yes and no as the answer depends on the meaning of “take over”. If by “take over” you mean completely killing the Web2 technology with the introduction of Web3 then the answer is no because you can’t just completely stop using Web2 as Web3 is still dependent on Web2 and uses Web2 technology to build sort of a wrapper over it to enhance Web2.
If by “take over” you mean Web3 being the majorly used web then the answer is yes, as of right now some of you might not agree to this and that’s completely understandable as Web3 and blockchain technology is still in its early days, its still a baby taking its first steps while Web2 is an athletic runner obviously as of right now the athletic runner will win the race.

Will Web3 be as efficient as Web2?
In my opinion, Web3 will not bring any performance improvements but instead it will be used as a wrapper around Web2 which will keep the same performance but will offer more privacy and security. Web3 cannot be independently used on large scale as storing data on blockchain and accessing it again will not be very slow and not efficient.

Can Web3 help build true decentralized apps?
The answer for this is clearly no, as true decentralized apps are not going to be possible because the developers would still have control over the development of their projects that is unless the project is open source and backed by Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which can help build true decentralized apps.

I am a developer how do I learn more about Dapps and Web3?
There is a lot of information on the internet about Dapps and Web3 and how to get started. Some programming languages you should know before getting started are Solidity (used to build smart contracts on Ethereum) and, Javascript or Python.
Some useful libraries for Dapp development are web3.js and ethers.js

PS: You might not agree with me on some terms here which is completely fine, I might be wrong on some terms here too as I am still learning about Web3. I am just here to share some knowledge that I have.

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