What to expect from the Apple M2 processor?

apple m2 processor

If you have not yet heard of or used Apple’s M1 enabled products, I would highly encourage you to do so post reading this thread. I would highly suggest to read a great article by The Verge here before we talk about what we can expect from the Apple M2 processor.

Now if you have read the article or if you already know the great potential offered by Apple’s M1 SoC (System on Chip), we want to predict what we might get with Apple’s M2 enabled hardware and possibly, an iPhone powered by M2. While it is a lot about performance, you might really want to focus on what may come with that level of performance capabilities coupled with native support for AI/ ML workloads. 

Will there be any improvements in performance?

The single thread performance offered by current M1 SoC is quite ahead of the competition, leaving behind Macbook’s old buddy Intel’s i9 line of processors by a considerable margin. If the rate at which current competitive performance margin improves vs the drastic rate of improvement in performance we have seen from Apple’s silicon over the past years, a conservative improvement estimate of 20-25% with M2, compared to M1 will unleash a beast SoC and fastest in its segment of personal consumer devices. Apple’s integrated graphics and the next version of improved Rosetta might make things even more exciting. 

An iPhone with The Apple M2 processor?

What if Apple plans to ditch the A line of custom iPhone SoC and goes completely universal in its consumer line of products, all powered by M2 and so on in the future (an Apple watch with M2 or M3?) Hmm…. This may answer all the portability questions and a truly integrated environment never seen before from any consumer electronics manufacturer so far. With App Store already opening up for selected apps on MacBooks with M1, the entire ecosystem powering Apple devices may come with a purely integrated play allowing you to switch & manage work and play with no loss of performance whatsoever.

Gaming with The Apple M2 processor (and M1)?

As a part-time gamer, I often desire to play a few titles basis my needs on a single device, without the need to switch to a dedicated gaming hardware. An average buyer is always making some judicious decision about the number of devices they wish to keep & MacBook owners have been trying to play gaming titles on it since it had first arrived. I’ve always wanted to play titles such as GTA V or the likes on my MacBook. 

This is an area where Apple needs to improve in the content it can provide users with the massive performance, they’ve been able to achieve and will be able to achieve with M2. Most of great gaming titles are only available on Windows from a PC gaming perspective which limits the gaming experience on Macs.

apple m2 processor

With Apple M1, gaming powered by Rosetta in some cases (where Rosetta is used, not native M1), is commendable given it is a virtualization coming in play and you get frame rate of almost 100 and above (lesser at times depending on various factors) with medium to high settings with CSGO or Fortnite. A MacBook powered with the M2 chip should be gaming friendly & it will be exciting to see if game developers unleash a few interesting titles in the future. For users who want to up their gaming experience all through one portable device, this is an interesting area to keep posted up with.

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